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Penerbitan Berindeks Scopus


Mulai tahun 2022, maklumat penerbitan di laman ini, bagi tahun semasa, akan dikemas kini setelah Jurnalis Akademia bagi tahun tersebut diterbitkan.

Penerbitan-penerbitan berindeks Scopus terkini yang diterbitkan oleh Pusat Pengajian Diploma (CeDS) adalah seperti berikut.

Penulis Tajuk Jurnal atau Prosiding Tahun
Faizal Ismail M., Kamal A. Rahim M., Rijal Hamid M., Majid H. A., Halim Omar A., Nur L. O., Nugroho B. S. Dual-Band Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna Using Electromagnetic Band-Gap Structure AEU – International Journal of Electronics and Communications 2021
Ahmad Pozin M. A., Soosay Nathan S. A. P., Yaziz Mohamad M. F. A., Abashah A. E-leader Practices on Construction Project: Industrialised building system (IBS) AIP Conference Proceedings 2021
Ramli M. Z., Abidin M. Z. Z., Hamid N. B., Razman R., Noh N. A. M. Ranking of Railway Construction Project Delay Factors in Malaysia by Using Relative Importance Index (RII) AIP Conference Proceedings 2021
Lazim Z. M., Salmiati, Hadibarata T., Yusop Z., Nazifa T. H., Abdullah N. H., Nuid M., Salim N. A. A., Zainuddin N. A., Ahmad N. Bisphenol a Removal by Adsorption Using Waste Biomass: Isotherm and Kinetic Studies Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 2021
Mohamad H. M., Mohamad M. I., Saad I., Bolong N., Mustazama J., Razali S. N. M. A Case Study of S-Curve Analysis: Causes, Effects, Tracing and Monitoring Project Extension of Time Civil Engineering Journal (Iran) 2021
Mohamad H. M., Afizah Asman N. S., Mirasa A. K., Saad I., Bolong N., Steven C. C. K., Siti Nooraiin M. R. A Consistency Check of Concrete Compressive Strength Using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient Civil Engineering Journal (Iran) 2021
Jofri M. H., Ismail M. N., Fudzee M. F. M., Hani M. H. M. A. M. Enhancing Quality of Experience in Malay Language Dyslexia Screening Test International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering 2021
Kassim N., Jaafar J., Roseh M. S. A. M., Ali M. H. M., Roslan R., Bahrudin I. A., Yasin S. M., Mohamed J., Omar A. H., Nor M. F. M., Jofri M. H., Hamid M. A., Azhar M. R. Step and Step-Nc as a Tool for Big Data in Cloud Manufacturing International Journal of Integrated Engineering 2021
Jusoh N., Othman N., Sulaiman R. N. R., Noah N. F. M., Kamarudin K. S. N., Zaini M. A. A., Sidik D. A. B. Development of Palm Oil-Based Synergist Liquid Membrane Formulation for Silver Recovery from Aqueous Solution Journal of Membrane Science and Research 2021
Rosley R., Jikan S. S., Badaruzaman N. A., Roslan M. S., Razak S. N. A., Esa F. Effect of Current Densities in Cu-Sn-Zn Electroplating Process on Carbon Substrate Using Less Hazardous Electrolyte Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2021
Roslan M. S., Rizvi S. Z. H., Razak S. N. A., Rosley R., Adnan N. N., Hamzah M. Q., Ali A. H., Agam A. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopic Investigation and Discrimination of Sabah's Pearl Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2021
Kadir A. A., Ismail L. H., Kasim N., Kesot M. J. Monitoring of Natural Daylight by Using Light Pipe System in Building Malaysian Construction Research Journal 2021
Alibabaei F., Saebnoori E., Fulazzaky M. A., Talaeikhozani A., Roohi P., Moghadas F., Abdullah N. H., Alian T. An Evaluation of the Efficiency of Odorant Removal by Sodium Ferrate (VI) Oxidation Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation 2021
Rahim M. K. A., Ismail M. F., Hamid M.R., Majid H.A. EBG Inspired Pattern and Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna 2020 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 2021
Tumari M. Z. M., Zahar M. M., Ahmad M. A. Optimal Tuning of a Wind Plant Energy Production Based on Improved Grey Wolf Optimizer Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2020
Bakar N. A., Roslan R., Karimipour A. Magnetic Field Effect on Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Lid-Driven Rectangular Cavity CFD Letters 2020
Abu Bakar N., Roslan R., Md Akhir M. K. The Effects of Internal Heat Generation or Absorption on Mixed Convection in a Lid-Driven Rectangular Cavity using Finite Volume Method CFD Letters 2020
Sidik D. A. B., Hairom N. H. H., Mohammad A. W., Halim N. A., Ahmad M. K., Hamzah S., Sulaiman N. The Potential Control Strategies of Membrane Fouling and Performance in Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor (MPR) for Treating Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent (POMSE) Chemical Engineering Research and Design 2020
Hanifa R. M., Isa K., Mohamad S. Speaker Ethnic Identification for Continuous Speech in Malay Language Using Pitch and MFCC Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2020
Samion N., Hashim H., Mohamad N. H., Hamid N. A. A., Ismail M. I. A. Fault Detection Tool for Maintenance of Signalling and Communication: A Case Study of the Urban Railway in Malaysia International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering 2020
Abdullah N. H., Ahmad N., Sohaili J., Salim N. A. A., Lazim Z. M., Idris N., Kaamin M. Performance of Constructed Wetlands Using Vetiveria Zizanioides for Sewage Treatment International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research 2020
Mohammad Azmi M. A., Ahmad Tajudin S. A., Abdul Karim A. T., Shahidan S., Hamid N. B., Mokhtar M., Mohd Zuki S. S. Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Behavior of As, Cd, Cr, Pb and Zn in Contaminated Soil Stabilised and Solidified (S/S) using Cement and Sugarcane Bagasse Ash International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 2020
Salim S., Sanik E., Osman M. H., Abdullah M. I. S. Travel Behavior towards Shared Mobility Among Malaysian Users: Insights from a Preliminary Study International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 2020
Kaamin M., Abdullah N. H., Idris N., Razali S. N. M., Jamal N. A.-Z. A., Zainil H., Hashim A. M. M., Fulazzaky M. A. A Study on Sound-Absorbing Acoustic Panels from Egg Trays with Recycled Materials (Paper & Plastic) International Journal of Nanoelectronics and Materials 2020
Ngadiman N., Kaamin M., Rosdi M. R. B., Daud M. E. Visual Inspection of High Risk Slope by Micro-UAV Air-craft International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering 2020
Rajo M. H. A., Zin A. F. M., Asmuin N. Techno-Economic Feasibility of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) Blend as Alternative to Diesel Fuel IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2020
Othman M. A., Jamaludin Z., Minhat M., Patwari M. A. U. Design and Development of a 3-Axis Vertical Milling Machine Control Logic Architecture Using IEC 61499 Function Block Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2020
Mokhtar M., Nor A. H. M., Sanik M. E., Kaamin M., Hamid N. B., Salim S., Akhir M. A. A. M., Shukor H. H. A., Zaini S. K. N. C. Application of UAV and PCI Method for Road Surface Monitoring Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems 2020
Hanifa R. M., Isa K., Mohamad S. Removing Silence in the Speech of Male and Female Adults for Malay Words Using Framing and Windowing Method Journal of Critical Reviews 2020
Nathan S. S., Hussain A., Hashim N. L. Usability Testing On Sustainable Model for Mobile Application Evaluation for Hearing-Impaired (MAEHI) Journal of Green Engineering 2020
Dzinun H., Ichikawa Y., Honda M., Zhang Q. Efficient Immobilised TiO2 in Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Membrane for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Journal of Membrane Science and Research 2020
Kaamin M., Hamid N. B., Daud M. E., Ngadiman N., Sahat S., Sanik M. E., Zahari M. A. A. Visual Slope Inspection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2020
Roslan M. S., Haider Z., Chaudhary K. T. Characterization of the Impact of Nanoparticles on Micro Strain in 2D Graphene Synthesized by Arc Discharge Plasma Materials Today Communications 2020
Sidik D. A. B., Hairom N. H. H., Ahmad M. K., Madon R. H., Mohammad A. W. Performance of Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor Incorporated with ZnO-Cymbopogon Citratus in Treating Palm Oil Mill Secondary Effluent Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2020
Wagiman A., Mustapa M. S., Shamsudin S., Lajis M. A., Asmawi R., Rady M. H., Yahya M. S. Effect of Thermally-Treated Chips on Density of AlMgSi Alloys Recycled Using Solid-State Technique Processes 2020