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CeDS Collaborates with Shibaura Institute of Technology on AgPBL

Oleh Nurin Faqihah binti Mohamed Rafik
05 November 2019, 10:30 am
CeDS Collaborates with Shibaura Institute of Technology on AgPBL

TOKYO, JAPAN: 10 students from the Centre for Diploma Studies (CeDS), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) travelled to Japan to embark in their first mobility programme – the Advanced Global Project Based Learning (AgPBL). The programme, held in collaboration with Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) in Tokyo, is organized by the ITech Focus Group from the Department of Information Technology. Participants from UTHM and SIT

The 10 chosen students that participated in this programme are from CeDS’ Department of Information Technology, with Dr Shelena Soosay Nathan as the advisor and accompanying lecturer. These students were teamed up with 14 third year bachelor students from SIT, to carry out the given tasks.

The programme aims to introduce students to a different learning technique, which is the project-oriented based learning. The theme of the AgPBL programme consisted of two categories: Internet of Things (IoT) and Filming. Students were required to identify a problem and propose its solution using IoT. Students were engaged in a seven days discussion and project development period, before the final presentation was conducted. Whereas, students in the Filming groups had to create and film a creative corporate video related to the AgPBL programme.

Among the created IoT projects are Ponto Bin – a garbage disposal system that gave points to users, Auto Ventilation – a system for asthma patients that read the amount of dust particles and gases in the air to ventilate rooms, and Smart Alert – a smart alert system that notifies owners when their valuables are in danger. Filming groups on the other hand, filmed scenes of IoT groups working on their projects and sceneries of the university, and visited famous landmarks in Tokyo. In a span of a week, they have created two videos, titled Where Wisdom be Explored and Culture J X M.

During their presentation, all five projects earned praises from Professor Eiji Kamioka, from SIT’s Department of Communications Engineering, as well as the other panels that consists of lecturers and PhD students.

The AgPBL programme helped expose students to the Internet of Things (IoT); a subject that is not covered in their diploma studies, while improving their communication skills with foreign students. Despite the language barrier, the participants were able to respond well to the obstacles they faced, with quick thinking and by looking for solutions out of the box. Overall, the AgPBL programme is a great success, considering it CeDS’ first mobility programme for students. The experience gained from it is immensely rewarding for the students, to be used in the future.

Departures Hall, KL International Airport

Arrival at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

One of the Projects

Another Project

Trying Out the Kimono

Visiting the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

Listening Attentively to a Group Presenting

IoT Group Presentation

IoT Group Presentation

Filming Group Presentation

Project Evaluation Panel

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